Changing the Guard


On a crisp autumn morning, strolling along to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace is a great way to enjoy the sunshine. You can leave the underground at Embankment and skirt round the south side of Trafalgar Square. And if you’re lucky Nelson’s Column will be in sharp relief against a deep blue sky!. On the day I ventured there, the Extinction Rebellion campaigners were camped in force in the streets, parks and Trafalgar Square. I weaved my way round their tents to avoid tripping over and came face to face with a large octopus full of protesting humans.

Into The Mall…..

Just wander through Admiralty Arch and you will see The Mall open up right in front of your with Buckingham Palace at the far end. Security is very much in evidence when the Changing of the Guard is imminent. You will see, and be reassured by the fact, that policemen and women abound. Many are on horseback, most are on foot and a smaller number are pedalling on pushbikes! As you walk along the Mall the trees are starting to turn to their beautiful autumn colours. And the sun shines brightly through the foliage in St James’s Park. It is a beautiful stroll. In the far distance, the >>> statue shines brilliantly with Buckingham Palace in the background.

Where to stand

I was puzzling about where to stand and decided to just go with the flow. I reckoned that with such a forest of selfie-sticks in view it was not going to be easy to see the proceedings. So I wandered along, winding round the barriers and crossings and made my way to the Buckingham Palace fence. Just half an hour before it was due to start the crowd was already 3/4 people deep.  Not only were there hordes of people, there was a forest of selfie sticks being held aloft so I decided that wasn’t a good idea. I made my way over to the +++ and wandered round the statue. I took some nice pictures down the Mall and some of Buckingham Palace and waited. The regiment then came along the south side of the mall and my patience was duly rewarded.

The Pageantry

Because most of the viewers were opposite the front of the palace it was possible to take some nice shots of the band marching along. British pageantry is at its best at the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace. It happens every day of the week but it’s still a thrill. On a lovely sunny day the brass instruments reflected the late summer sun.  As traffic is stopped in the area for the changing of the guard, the music echoes out through the forecourt and surrounding area.

After the pageantry

The crowd dispersed once it was over and many of the viewers made their way through St James’s Park.  I was lucky to see one of the famous pelicans, as well as a host of other waterfowl. The __ lake is a joy at this time of the year and the autumn flowers are still beautiful. You can enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat at the various kiosks and ___ cafe dotted around St James’s Park. It’s a lovely way to spend a morning in London.

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