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Street Food Seoul – South Korea


One of the most enjoyable aspects of a visit to Seoul in South Korea is the opportunity to enjoy the huge variety of street food on offer when you are out and about.

So whether you are a lover of fish, veggie or a hot dog aficionado there is something there for you! It may not be the most healthy option but it will definitely be tasty!

Street food is one of the most memorable experiences of the country. The range of food is enormous. Everything is delicious.

The Tornado Potato

Veggie enthusiasts will be sure to enjoy the famous tornado potato. Served on a stick this is delicious. Also known as twist potatoes or tornado fries they are very popular.


Gyoza or deep fried dumplings are a great snack to eat when on the move. With all kinds of fillings these tasty morsels are a simple treat.


Eomuk is available on many street corners. Made from a batter of minced fish mixed with vegetables and flour. Once ready, the batter is shaped and then fried.

Candied Strawberries

For those with a sweet tooth, candied strawberries are a must!

Corn dogs

Corn dogs are a real favourite. They may contain meat, fish or vegetables or even just noodles. Easy to take away and eat they are served on a stick. How quick and easy is that?!

Mustard or mayo?

Sauces abound…. mayonnaise, mustard, etc. etc.


Sausages are a popular fast food. You can get them on a stick, wrapped in pastry, in batter, etc. etc.

Mayak Gimbap

These Korean seaweed rice rolls come filled with a whole host of delicious ingredients! They are the perfect meal on-the-go – easy to carry and very tasty. Popular fillings include vegetables or fish as well as avocado, crabstick, ham, pickled radish, braised burdock root, egg, carrot, fishcake, and cucumber….. Very delicious and a healthy option too!


Who ever knew you could cook crabsticks? The creativity of this country is there for all to see in these delightful concoctions. Combining fish and vegetables and then fried they are the most colourful option!


Tteokbokki or spicy rice cakes are one of the most popular street foods. Essential to be tried.

Dakgangjeong fried chicken. No stay in South Korea would be complete without sampling their famous chicken and beer. Enjoy a huge range of batters and, if you are in a group, beer by the bucketload! So tasty and so moreish.


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