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A hidden horticultural treasure

A hidden treasure Waterperry Gardens

Tranquility, peace, and a hot summer sun tempered by the coolest of breezes. The English landscape sculpted into verdant undulating folds rolling in every direction.  A shimmering enveloping haze trapping the rustling of leaves, the humming of bees, and distant birdsong. It’s a scene felt as much as observed. Even the effort of looking can seem too much under such sweltering skies. The month is June, the longest day, and we are immersed in colour, culture and horticultural heritage. But we are far from being in the depths of the English countryside. Surprising as it may seem, we are only just over an hour from the outskirts of London. And where exactly? Waterperry Gardens – a most distinctive jewel in the landscape, spread over 8 acres. We hope to tempt visitors who might have tired of London’s well known, and well trodden attractions. 

Visiting Waterperry Gardens

Leaving the M40 at Junction 8 the gardens are a short and pleasant drive. On arrival, you will find parking is free which is always a plus. The gardens are accessed via the main retail area – the Garden Shop – however there are other elements and these comprise the Gift Barn, Plant Centre, Gallery, and Waterperry Orchards: all would be worth a visit in their own right. This is because what is offered has been selected with both an eye for quality, originality and occasionally humour.

The Plant Centre

The Plant Centre propagates plants from Waterperry’s own nursery beds – beautifully described as a “living catalogue”. You can buy with confidence as all plants are guaranteed for three years. The Orchards offer a mouth watering range of fruit. Sixty-five varieties of apple are produced testifying to a commitment aimed at preserving heritage varieties are not lost. Greengages, plums, and pears, including rarer varieties like Beurre Hardy, Gorham and Glou Morceau can be purchased. And the ‘hive of activity’ in this corner of the gardens also means Waterperry honey is available from the shop.

The Horticultural School

The horticultural school, originally run by Beatrix Havergal and her partner Alice Sanders resulted in the creation of gardens that still resonate with what has been described as her “horticultural virtuosity.” Appropriately enough, the gardens today are laid out with the precision and harmony of a musical score. And to continue the analogy, there is plenty of hidden seating where one can pause and enjoy a few bars rest and just enjoy the view.

Photographs of Beatrix make one think of another great institution: Miss Marple. Beatrix is depicted studying plants with an intensity the famed sleuth would have lent to uncovering clues.  A visitor today will be rewarded with a sense of a project enduring, being lovingly tended, and passed on to generations yet to come. 

The layout affords myriad paths and trails one even leading down to the upper reaches of the River Thame. One can enjoy solitude or choose instead the company of kindred spirits. On the day we visited, everyone we paused alongside was moved to comment on the colour, beauty and vibrancy of what they beheld.

A cultural offering as varied as the planting

What makes Waterperry Gardens so memorable is the way it has blended horticulture with culture. No one will fail to be delightfully surprised that on first entering the gardens, you come across an amphitheatre tucked away in the greenery. It is in perfect scale and provides the setting for upcoming performances of Peter and the Wolf, Wagner at Twilight, and Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro. And as a prequel to ‘Figaro’, Jonathan Dove’s ‘Figures in the Garden’ will  be performed on the 12th and 13th of August. This offers an exploration of alternative scenarios for Da Ponte’s characters. The production will be a collaboration between dance students from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, and local musicians from Oxfordshire County Youth Orchestra. 

Visit the link below to get a taste of the sheer range and variety of cultural and seasonal offerings at Waterperry – horticultural hedonism at its very best!

I cannot imagine the visitor who will not be left feeling wonderfully sated. Waterperry captivates on so many levels. It’s a ‘looking glass world’ where the you can believe in the charm of ‘midsummer madness’ and believe in what looks and feels like an impossible accomplishment.

From England’s past…..

This is quintessential England caught in time with a reverence for the past, a seemingly timeless present – and yet with an eye for the future to plant and conserve all that is best about the fecundity and artistry of our land.

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Our blogs

Go City Apartments offers blogs that are aimed at creating awareness of the very best London and its immediate environs has to offer our clients. These include those in the front rank of attractions and venues – as you would expect. We also like to showcase places to visit we have sought out precisely because they are not as well known. We intend that each will live on in your memory.

Staying near Waterperry Gardens…..

For accommodation nearby please see what are offering in the Oxford area.

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A Winter Weekend in Milan


Winter may not be everyone’s idea of the perfect season for a weekend break in Milan! But these days, we all lead busy lives and have to seize short stay travel opportunities when they arise. Moreover we have to take our chances whether or not the weather permits! And Milan offers so very much to see and do: for instance – art, culture, entertainment, architecture, restaurants….. You must not miss the chance to visit because this amazing city never fails to charm! There are two airports and plenty of inbound flights from European destinations. You can also come easily by train.


Arriving in central Milan on a Friday evening, the place was bustling. Alive with shoppers, twinklingly illuminated stylish shops and hardly a tourist in site!  In addition, style abounds here – even the city dogs saunter around exuding a certain je ne sais quoi…..

The drizzle even adds to the atmosphere – reflecting the lights on the pavements below. The ideal place to head for to get a flavour of Milan over the centuries is the phenomenal Duomo di Milano. The cathedral is absolutely magnificent. Having taken some 600 years to build you can imagine there is a lot of detail! Against a midnight blue sky, this fabulous edifice stands proud in all its glory, beautifully illuminated and majestic. The feeling that generation after generation dedicated their lives’ work to the completion of the cathedral makes you stop in your tracks. The brevity of the circle of life and the reality of life passing so very quickly rings out loud and clear when you stand in the beautiful piazza below.

Italy has style…..

Beside the cathedral, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a great place to wander and enjoy the stylish ambiance. This magnificent building houses prestigious Italian brands renowned throughout the world for their style and elegance. For example Prada, Versace to name but a few. And shop windows are adorned with understated festive touches as Christmas fast approaches. Likewise, clothing, leather luggage and jewellery are superbly displayed in glistening shop windows. And, most importantly, our four-legged friends are well catered for! Moncler even boasts a selection of puffa jackets to protect the stylish French bulldog about town from the harshest winter elements…..

The Duomo di Milano

Taking a walk into the city the following day, it was still raining, as it did throughout the whole weekend! But we couldn’t resist the idea of a walk on the rooftops of the fabulous Gothic cathedral to enjoy the spectacular views.  The queueing system with a fast track option, suggested that we might have had a long wait ahead of us. But in fact we went straight in.

On ground level, the cathedral is magnificent – a massively impressive space. Ornately adorned with intricate paintings and carvings the interior of the cathedral is remarkable. And although the building exists on a huge scale, the smallest attention to every minor detail is apparent in every nook and cranny, both inside and out.

And visitors can visit the St Charles Crypt – a quaintly atmospheric, eerie chamber nestling on the lower levels of the cathedral and also visible from above.

The lift to the rooftops is very quick. And once atop this massive edifice, there are steps and uneven surfaces to negotiate so it is not ideal for the less nimble! The roof slopes gently down to parapets supported by elegant ribbed stone.

Dozens and dozens of ornate spires surround the rooftop.  Most bear the weather and wear of centuries gone by. And a programme of refurbishment is under way repairing many of the eroded blocks of stone.

Views across Milan are spectacular, even on a grey day. This is an adventure not to be missed. And for Instagrammers there are some amazing photography viewing angles.

Cuisine in Milan

And the cuisine…. well this is Italy of course! Fabulous restaurants abound in Milan. We enjoyed a superb meal at the Osteria Mamma Rosa. Service with a smile and delicious cuisine. Not to mention a huge selection of wine. Wine, of course, abounds in Italy and is inexpensive. And even in Milan’s superior restaurants bottles of good wine are priced below €20.

The Lombardy region is well known for its rice and polenta dishes as they are locally cultivated in this part of Italy. Risotto alla milanese is a favourite. And veal shanks in the form of ossobuco alla milanese are a delicious treat for carnivores. And of course, as in all Italy, delicious fresh pizza and pasta abounds. Furthermore, fish is plentiful. You won’t go hungry here!

Salmon tartare

And panettone originated in this region. We enjoyed coffee and gelato in the eclectic Pasticceria San Gregorio’s  where they had even decorated their ceilings with row after row of them!

Pannetonne ceiling decoration

Milan hotels

In November, accommodation is plentiful and inexpensive. We stayed at the centrally located Ibis Styles Milano – a charming hotel just off the Corso Buenos Aires. The hotel is well situated and an excellent place to recharge your batteries after a long day of sightseeing. They provide an excellent continental breakfast and unlimited coffee is available throughout the day. The rooms are compact but ideal for a family just looking for a bolthole in the centre of the city. The rooms are located around a central atrium which is light, bright and airy. WiFi is included.

The central station

Railway stations provide a profound sense of contrast in history and time. And Milan station is no exception. With its huge, imposing facade and solid architecture the station dominates the Piazza Duca d’Aosta. Once inside, there is an abundance of modern cafes and shops bustling with stylish passengers in a hurry.

Then you can walk onto the 24 platforms and see the big beasts of high speed trains arriving and departing for destinations throughout Italy and beyond.

And the local Metro stations are not without their charm. Graffiti appears in various places and provides a charming contrast to the stark, simple lines of the stations.


Quaint streets

The charm of the streets of Milan just keeps on giving. You can enjoy quiet little roads and pathways with fascinating shops, restaurants and bars to explore.


The Christmas streets are tastefully festooned with lights. It seems that the only festive lights allowed to adorn the shop exteriors and the streets are just white so it gives the place a stylish glow. Tacky it ain’t! The November drizzle enhances this effect by creating dazzling reflections off the damp pavements and cobbles.

East market – where old meets new meets creative

And no trip to Milan is complete without a visit to the flea market in Via Mecenate. You can simply take the tram from downtown Milan. On arrival you will find a variety of warehouses devoted to a fascinating array of wares from today and yesterday.

East Market Milano

Vintage clothes and jewellery abound – particularly from the 70’s and 80’s. Odd objets d’art – throwbacks to the age of psychedelia are for sale on the stalls. And the stallholders are dressed in the most fascinating ways; style accents hark back to yesteryear. Vinyl is well represented so you can buy  yourself an old record to bring home! I had no idea that everything Beatles is still so popular! Music booms out through the speakers and the place has a very cool vibe.  For instance, modern day artists and designers display eclectic wares for sale on their colourful stalls.

Refreshments are brilliant too! Enjoy an abundance of tasty street food and international delicacies. So here in the market  you can just sit on simple pallet stacks topped with chipboard and have a beer and a bite to eat.

In conclusion, the city of Milan has something for everyone.  In short, when visiting you will have fun – even when it’s raining! We recommend it very highly!

Accommodation in Milan

If you are planning a short stay in Milan there are lots of options. Click here for inspiration >>>

Family TravelLondon

2 bedroom family apartments in London

Italian Gardens Hyde Park

2 bedroom apartments are the ideal solution for a family travelling to London together. Whether you are coming for a weekend, a week, a month or a year there are some great accommodation options for you to consider.

With your own kitchen, and your own front door, regular cleaning and complimentary WiFi you will enjoy a level of luxury and independence that hotel guests only dream of! Even on a very short stay!

The benefits of a kitchen

Generally speaking, most serviced apartments have kitchens with refrigerators and cookers. Many are equipped with Nespresso coffee machines. So when you get up in the morning you can make your own breakfast and enjoy your own coffee in the privacy of your own “home.”  No need to exchange polite “good mornings” with strangers.  If you are travelling with young children this is brilliant . There is no need to keep your eyes on naughty kids (yours and other people’s!). No need to worry that they are behaving themselves in public. This is a really low stress option for families on the move with young children.

And don’t forget the calories! Research has shown that guests serving themselves from a hotel buffet are 10 times more likely to overdose on fatty foods – simply because it’s there! Many apartment residences offer welcome packs which include basic breakfast ingredients. Local s supermarkets are happy to deliver groceries. As are Uber Eats and Deliveroo in most areas of the capital. Research amongst guests has shown that the option to make their own meals is why they return time and time again to stay in an apartment when in London.

Stay near the museums

Many guests bring their children to London at half term.  The big London museums such as the V & A, Science Museum and Natural History Museum have fabulous exhibitions, films and hands on displays geared to the younger visitor. Great for visiting during the school holidays and weekends.

How about close to Hyde Park?

If you have children with you who wish to let off steam then staying near Hyde Park is probably a good idea. We offer some very nice apartments opposite the Italian Gardens with public transport on your doorstep.

Put your feet up

When your children are exhausted and you feel in need of a break, you can retire to your apartment, put your feet up and relax. You can even order a takeaway. All residences have at least one TV and many have several.  With an abundance of channels, Sky, Freeview etc. there is masses for your children to watch. Just park them in front of the TV while you get out a glass of wine and put your feet up.

It’s great to know that you and your kids are all under the same roof.  How often have you checked in to a hotel only to find that your children have been allocated a room along the corridor?  Next door is bad enough!!!  For parents to enjoy a relaxing stay, they need to know that their babies and children are totally secure. That peace of mind is guaranteed when you book a serviced apartment with it’s own front door where you and your family will all be safe and sound together so you can chill!

When it’s time for them to go to bed, bedrooms are often very well equipped, especially for children.  Combinations of twin beds and cots are common. So your children and babies can be comfortably accommodated in style so that both they – and YOU – get a good night’s sleep. Ready to be up and about the next day with the energy need to explore what London has to offer!

That is not to say you won’t enjoy going out for dinner. As London is one of the world’s most vibrant capitals when it comes to wining, dining and entertainment you will be spoilt for choice when you select a restaurant in London’s buzzing hub. 

Mayfair – a great place to stay

In Brick Street and Hertford Street you will find some lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom luxury apartments which are all part of the Como Metropolitan group. There is a guests’ spa as well as a lovely bar and restaurant.


    Grosvenor House Suites

    Park Lane

    Desirable serviced apartments at exclusive 5* Park Lane residence. From 1 bedroom suites to spacious 5 bedroom penthouse. Equipped to highest standard with deluxe bathrooms. Fully fitted kitchens.

Luxury apartments in the Kensington area

We recommend the Milestone. This is a sumptuous property offering oodles of luxury features.

Larger apartments for the corporate family

As London is such a major hub, many corporate executives relocate here on business. And if you are coming to London with your family there are many options for you, some of which even have shared gardens. Europa House is a good option. Residents benefit from the use of some 3 acres of private gardens.

Europa House


Many of the residences offer extra options including airport transfers, daily breakfast service, restaurant recommendations and theatre bookings. At others there are meeting room facilities.

Cost efficiency

When you are travelling with children, serviced apartments are a cost efficient short stay option. They will probably cost you less than two equivalent hotel rooms and you will save money but not having to dine constantly in restaurants.

See a good selection of 2 bedroom apartments for families in central London >



    Ashburn Gardens

    Gloucester Road

    Apartments for families visiting London wishing to have all home comforts beyond your own front door! As well as the independence of preparing your own meals, if as and when you choose.


    Fountain House

    Hyde Park

    Presidential family penthouse overlooking Hyde Park’s Italian Gardens within easy reach of Oxford Street. Perfect base from which to explore the capital. Restaurants nearby. Spacious and styled in contemporary lux­ury with wooden floors and lux­ury car­pets.


    Cheval Harrington Court

    Museum District

    Super air-conditioned apartments close to London’s main museums. Available for weekend stays. WiFi included.


    Beaufort House


    Charming luxury serviced apartments at this small, 5* residence in the heart of Knightsbridge. All specified to the highest standard with deluxe bathrooms and fully fitted kitchens. Highly desirable in soughtafter area.

ApartmentFamily TravelServiced Apartments

Fountain House Penthouse

Fountain House

This amazing Fountain House pent­house suite offers a vast amount of space. The suite exudes contemporary lux­ury and the ambiance is light and bright. Conveniently located, this large suite is ideal for a comfortable family stay in London. Families of up to 8 guests can be comfortably accommodated. Amenities include air-conditioning. The finish is contemporary and decor features rich wooden floors and lux­ury car­pets. The penthouse is available for stays of one week or more.

The living accommodation

The spa­cious living/dining area has a pre­mium enter­tain­ment sys­tem with large flatscreen TV. Also, the room has a fantastic domed atrium, making the space light, bright and airy for the lucky residents. And, for your convenience, the large kitchen has dishwasher and washer/dryer. Also, it is great for preparing family meals.

The apart­ment has four dou­ble bed­rooms, all with king size beds and bathrooms. And the master suite has a jacuzzi bath. A fur­ther bath­room has a walk-in shower. Pri­vate lift access to the pent­house ensures guests’ discretion and privacy.

From here you can enjoy the seasons in Hyde Park. In the living room you can overlook the park where lush foliage abounds on the magnificent trees in the summer. In the autumn the colours of the foliage are absolutely stunning. Enjoy watching nature as the year moves on! And children will love the location – a great place for them to let off steam! It is just across the road from the Italian Gardens. These gardens have beautiful fountains and boast an array of lush planting. Here, wildlife abounds – if you’re lucky you may even see the heron!


Housekeeping and maid service are provided. Also, other amenities include ironing board/iron, in-room safe and direct dial telephone/voicemail. Enjoy watching satellite channels on the flatscreen TV. Free WiFi. CCTV secured building. 24 hour concierge in office on the ground floor. Here you can rest assured that you will be looked after day and night. If you have a car, there is secure garage parking nearby.


Fountain House is in a convenient location with easy access to Oxford Street and the City.  Excellent public transport links.  From here, you can explore the capital. And nearby, you can enjoy the excellent restaurants of cosmopolitan Queensway and Notting Hill.  Also situated only moments from the vibrant West End with its shopping, dining, entertainment and nightlife. Kensington Palace, Royal Albert Hall and Portobello Market are top attractions nearby. Also, on a Sunday morning you can enjoy browsing the works of art for sale on the railings in the Bayswater Road.

Nearest underground

The nearest tube station is at Lancaster Gate

Nearest mainline station

Transport links are good. Fountain House penthouse is conveniently located just 5 minutes’ walk away.


    Fountain House

    Hyde Park

    Presidential family penthouse overlooking Hyde Park’s Italian Gardens within easy reach of Oxford Street. Perfect base from which to explore the capital. Restaurants nearby. Spacious and styled in contemporary lux­ury with wooden floors and lux­ury car­pets.

Read more about the fabulous Fountain House penthouse apartment and book online…..

Business TravelFamily TravelLondonServiced Apartments

A London apartment – the corporate solution


Corporate apartments in the City of London are the ideal accommodation solution.

You may be coming to London on business – even for just a week – and you need somewhere to stay. We recommend an apartment for your visit. More spacious than hotel rooms, serviced apartments offer a home from home in the middle of the City. It is your own private space where you can work or simply relax and unwind.

Serviced  apartments offer considerable comfort and convenience for corporate travellers. These apartments are ideal for relocation, long term assignments and project work. Short stay and long term serviced flats provide increased flexibility, space, independence and privacy over traditional hotel accommodation.


Our corporate serviced apartments meet the needs of the discerning executive in individual and private surroundings. Furthermore, you can use the apartment as an office and for meetings. You can use a larger apartment for entertaining. You will be able to prepare meals and dine in your flat because they all have kitchens. Companies very much like the considerable cost savings made by staff not having to dine in restaurants for every single meal. And guests like it too – a chance to eat more healthily and keep away from the calorie-laden dining of the capital.

Our London corporate apartments are fully furnished and offer WiFi, TV’s and regular maid service and weekly linen change.  Also, extra security and concierge reception services are offered at many of our short stay apartments.

We cater for relocating corporate executives, interim housing for business travellers and long term assigned projects.  Our range suits all budgets so we are confident we have something for you.

Whether you are on a business trip, moving or relocating there are great advantages to taking an apartment.  Also, you can book for the duration you require; a few nights or a few months. Corporate apartments in the City of London are very competitively priced.

You have plenty of options with Go City Apartments. We offer locations across the capital both in heart of the City and quiet residential areas.

For families

If you need an open green space for children to play, then Europa House in Little Venice may be for you. With over 3 acres of private gardens it is a lovely family residence.

Europa House


Many of the residences offer extra services including airport transfers, daily breakfast service, restaurant recommendations and theatre bookings. At others there are meeting room facilities.

Our clients

We work with a wide range of companies from Fortune 500 and FTSE250 corporations as well as SME’s across a wide range of industries. We offer solutions to our clients both in the UK and globally. Our clients come to us for our expertise, experience and in-depth knowledge of the apartment industry.  We guarantee consistency and high standards  in modern contemporary city apartments.  We help businesses find the most cost-effectve accommodation solutions for their directors and employees.

London is one of the busiest hubs around the globe.  If you are visiting for business, attending a conference or working on a short term placement, it is important to be able to settle in a homely environment.


    Ashburn Gardens

    Gloucester Road

    Apartments for families visiting London wishing to have all home comforts beyond your own front door! As well as the independence of preparing your own meals, if as and when you choose.


    Cheval Harrington Court

    Museum District

    Super air-conditioned apartments close to London’s main museums. Available for weekend stays. WiFi included.


    Vauxhall apartments


    These contemporary Vauxhall apartment suites are perfect for short stays in London. Breakfast is included at this property. Situated in quiet Vauxhall street 5 minutes’ walk from bus and tube stations.


    Park Plaza Westminster


    Close to St Thomas’s Hospital in Westminster Bridge Road. From its iconic position opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the residence has London’s finest landmarks close by.


    Park Plaza Westminster


    Close to St Thomas’s Hospital in Westminster Bridge Road. From its iconic position opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the residence has London’s finest landmarks close by.


    Grosvenor House Suites

    Park Lane

    Desirable serviced apartments at exclusive 5* Park Lane residence. From 1 bedroom suites to spacious 5 bedroom penthouse. Equipped to highest standard with deluxe bathrooms. Fully fitted kitchens.


    Lees Place Mayfair


    Luxury serviced apartments finished to high standard in Victorian mews property. The interior design remains sympathetic to the Victorian period while unique, contemporary British furniture complements the building’s heritage. Minimalist design, clean lines, marble bathrooms. Air-conditioned with WiFi.


    Citadines Barbican


    Fully equipped executive apartments for business travellers in the heart of the City of London. Being so close to the Barbican Centre, this residence is equally perfect for business travellers and lovers of culture and the arts!

  • Studio Gloucester Road

    Gloucester Road

    These apartments are ideal for corporate guests looking for accommodation in the capital.
    Economy apartments with public transport and all amenities nearby.

Family Travel

The Orchid Festival at Kew – An Annual Treat


Kew Gardens is a great place to visit. Especially from 6 February when you can enjoy the Orchid Festiva!. Featuring a treasure trove of botanical exhibits and specimens a visit is a real treat. Vibrant colours abound. Whichever time of the year you visit you will see nature in the raw. It is a lovely place to wander and see the British trees and plants in their natural habitat. And in the spectacular conservatories there are thousands more exhibits from more exotic climes. They are carefully nurtured and tended by teams of dedicated staff.

There is lots to enjoy at Kew. Features include exhibitions, talks, tours, short courses and much, much more. The Gardens are a must-see for visitors to the capital. They are located just 30 minutes away from the centre.

Every year, in February, Kew Gardens arrange the most spectacular display of orchids. And this is the 25th!

This year…..

In 2020 the display celebrates the biodiversity of Indonesia. Indonesia comprises 17,000 islands. This is your change to immerse yourself in the tropics in the middle of winter!

The fabulous display is taking place in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Showcasing an exotic array of vibrant orchid displays this exhibition is not to be missed.

The 17,000 islands of Indonesia play host to some 5,000+ species of orchid.

The exhibition is a celebration of the cultural and natural diversity that is scattered across the archipelago.

After hours there are events featuring Indonesian music and cuisine. You can also go along and hear an expert talk.

The visit to see the orchids is included in the Kew Gardens ticket price. In order to avoid congestion, visits are staggered so you will need to book a (free) time slot.


The Royal Botanical Gardens Kew

Arriving by tube

Kew Gardens station in Zone 3 is just 500m from Victoria Gate. It is served by the District Line (Richmond branch) and London Overground.

Coming by train

Kew Bridge station is 800m from Elizabeth Gate, via Kew Bridge. South West Trains run services from Waterloo, via Vauxhall and Clapham Junction. Please note that there is no level access at Kew Bridge.

Getting there by bus

65 stops close to Lion Gate, Elizabeth Gate and Victoria Gate.
391 stops near Kew Gardens station and Elizabeth Gate.
237 and 267 stop at Kew Bridge station.

By bike

There are bicycle racks at all four gates and a limited number of lockers available at Victoria Gate.  Please note that bicycles, tricycles, roller skates, skateboards and scooters are not allowed into the Gardens.

Entrance gates

The Gardens have four entrance gates. Please take a look at which one is most suitable for the visit you are planning.

Elizabeth Gate (TW9 3AB)

This is the fastest route from central London. It is also the closest to Kew Bridge station. Good entrance for:

  • Children’s Garden
  • Orangery restaurant
  • Princess of Wales Conservatory
  • Kew Palace and Royal Kitchens
  • The Hive

Brentford Gate (TW9 3AF)

The is next to Kew’s Ferry Lane car park and is near to:

  • Children’s Garden
  • White Peaks café and shop
  • Climbers and Creepers

Lion Gate (TW9 2DF)

This is the entrance closest to  Richmond station and is near to:

  • Japanese Gateway

Victoria Gate (TW9 3JR)

This is closest to Kew Gardens station and near to:

  • Palm House
  • The Botanical
  • Marianne North and Shirley Sherwood galleries
  • Broad Walk Borders
  • Victoria Plaza café and shop
Where to stay

If you need short stay family accommodation there are some good options nearby.


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