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Seoul – city of contrasts

What a delight it is to visit Seoul! Surrounded by mountains and hills it is a travellers’ oasis.

The architecture

It gives the feeling of being in the most modern of cities alongside charming old architecture. Efficient public transport, delightful markets, street food vendors and eateries – it’s all there to enjoy, as well as a vast array of nightlife. A fascinating blend of ancient traditions and high tech digital innovation is a feast for the senses.

The subway in Seoul is very impressive. It is well signposted and runs on time. The buses are excellent too. Courtesy is always observed. Everyone, but everyone, wears a mask. Seats are set aside for those “needing them most” and this rule is, again, well respected. The platforms are clean as are the trains. It is the third largest subway system in the world.

Charming traditional hanbok stores exist alongside the most modern phone and tech shops. While Seoul today is often known as a super-modern mega-city that is home to skyscrapers, malls, and millions of electronic-mad residents, the city boast over 2,000 fascinating years of history. 

The cuisine

South Korean cuisine is amazing.  The Korean barbecue is fast becoming one of the most popular global specialities. And Korean street food, such as the corn dog is becoming more and more popular in the West.

Seafood and shellfish abound in Seoul.

This beautiful concert hall is a modern take on the traditional old design.

Traditional costume

If you want to get into one of the famous palaces you can do so for free if you’re wearing traditional dress! So beautiful costumes abound in the streets surrounding these landmarks.

Amazing palaces

The illuminations are beautiful.

Modern buildings exist alongside traditional in Seoul.

Charming statues.

Buses abound in Geunho.

Colourful markets

Street markets in Seoul are very colourful. Simple fare abounds.

The River Han

The River Han runs from east to west through the centre of the city.

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